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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  July 13, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 7 o'clock a weather alert. dangerous heat gripping the d.c. region today. temperatures will be pushing a hundred degrees. the heat index soaring well above that. >> ♪ >> we have found human remains in an approximately 12 and half foot deep common grave. >> breaking overnight. devastating news in the search for four missing men in pennsylvania. now a person of interest is in custody on a huge bail. plus... >> reporter: a transgender woman is the victim of a hit-and-run car accident here in the district. will the driver of the car who has just been arrested be charged with a hate crime. i'm bob barnard. that's our story this morning. >> good morning to you. i'm allison seymour.
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thanks for being with us this morning. >> if you're just waking up here's a live look outside right now. it is 7 o'clock right now. just hitting 80 degrees. 78 at the reagan national. 80 down there in dupont circle. it's going to be a scorcher today. >> let's get a quick look at weather and traffic. tucker is up first with the details of the heat. >> 80 degrees, looking at highs in the upper 90's. that heat index about 105 later today. heat advisory goes into that effect at noon. all the details on the weather and whether or not or not we'll have a nice weekend coming up. erin. >> see what you did there. heavy volume on the beltway in college park bottom of the beltway does not look pleasant either through oxon hill on the inner loop. let's take a look at our maps. we also have a crash in stafford that is causing some big delays coming up the 95 northbound stretch as you head through stafford you're going to have about a 45 minute delay fredericksburg as you try to get into dale city. we'll have more as we continue. >> a minute past the
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more on that grim discovery in the search for four missing pennsylvania men. the body of one of those men has been identified. sadly officials fear the bodies of the other men may be in that grave as well. >> all this as a person of interest in this tragic and bizarre case is behind bars held on $5 million bail. >> let's check in with maureen get the latest on this story. mo. >> good morning to both of you. authorities have identified the body as that of 19-year-old din finocchiaro. he was last seen alive six days ago. cadaver dogs were brought in to the 90-acre property in rural pennsylvania about 30 miles north of philadelphia. the remains were found in a 12-foot grave. the land is owned by the family of a person of interest in this case, cosmo dinardo. dinardo haven't been charged finocchiaro's death. he was freed after posting bond. he was rearea evidentd yesterday after investigators say he tried to sell one of the missing men's cars. prosecutors say dinardo and all of the men kneea
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neighbors say they heard gunshots coming from the property over the weekend which prompted investigators to begin digging on that farm. >> this is a homicide make no mistake about it. we just don't know how many homicides we are yet to know the answer to that ocean yes. we're going to start looking seriously at the homicide charges and in fact we already have pursued that option. >> dinardo has hired an attorney. his family did release a statement on behalf of their lawyer before the remains were found saying in part mr. and mrs. dinardo sympathize with the parents and families of the missing young men and they are cooperating in every way possible. now one of the men, 19-year-old jimi patrick attended loyola university in maryland where he was a riding g sophomore. a vigil was held for him at the school last night. allison. >> maureen thank you very much. one of the marines killed in- that fiery plane crash in mississippi earlier this week
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was from maryland. the family of the sergeant confirmed the tragic news on facebook saying they're grateful for all of the condolences. 15 other service members killed in that crash. >> in prince william county police investigating a double shooting. it happened near occoquan road and colonial drive in occoquan. police say one victim shot in the upper body. the other in the lower body. both suffering nonlife-threatening injuries. police do not believe that shooting was random. no word on a suspect or a motive. >> d.c. police investigating after a woman says she was attacked by a group of about 15 young people in the barracks row neighborhood. this happened last night near sixth and e streets southeast. six young people arrested at the scene but they were eventually let go. the victim w was not seriously injured. police say this may have been a botched robbery. >> ♪ >> 7:04 right now and president donald trump and the first lady melania arrived in paris earlier this morning. later today the president and french president emmanuel macron wil
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bilateral meetings and a news conference. the two leaders far apart when it comes to climate change and immigration but will likely find common o ground in fighting terrorism. president trump will be the guest of honor at this year's bastille day events and will take part in ceremonies marking the 100th anniversary of the united states getting into world war i. the president's trip, though, comes as the white house remains dogged by the controversy surrounding that meeting with donald trump jr. held last year with a russian attorney in order to get dirt on hillary clinton. in a new interview, the president told reuters that he did not fault his son for holding the meeting which he called a decision made in the heat of an upstart nontraditional campaign. other big news today. it's going to be a busy day on capitol hill. senate republicans are expected to release an adjusted healthcare bill. >> melanie alnwick this morning live on the hill breaking down some of the changes. mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison. there are still big questions out there for republicans ab
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perhaps they will get some answers when this revised plan is laid out in a closed door meeting with gop senators today. meanwhile last night president trump really ramping up the pressure saying he would be very angry if republicans can't get this one through. the new bill does ease up just a bit on some of the medicaid cuts and makes other changes designed to win over enough votes. it would delete certain taxes on the healthcare industry but keep the extra tax on individuals to help people with lower income pay their premiums. there will also be money for states to combat drug abuse. it will still be a squeaker though to get it through the senate. republicans as you're about to hear from very different opinions of the bill. >> any one of my colleagues who said they are going to repeal it and now they're holding out because we're not throwing enough at the problem i would really ask them to check their consciences and go come on, what did you promise the american people. >> when we looked at the bill a week ago and i said and or two weeks ago
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couldn't support the bill as it was they have now taken the bill and made it worse. >> i want to give democrats an opportunity at least have input to the idea. >> reporter: well, as we know, no democrat at this point is going to vote for this bill and that really puts republicans in a tight spot. they can only afford to lose two gop senate votes in order to make this bill pass, that is if vice president mike pence is the tie breaker vote. we are still two senators as we know who have said they don't support the bill, three others at least who are still on the fence so it remains to be seen what's going to happen. we know they're trying to schedule a go-ahead vote next week. live on capitol hill, i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> whoa. >> uh-huh. >> serious. >> nice. >> looks like a desert scene. >> yeah. >> you can already feel the heat out in melanie's live shot this morning. >> yeah. >> feel it. >> steamy. >> yeah, very steamy. daytime highs up near a hundred today. heat index going to be very os
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because of that heat advisory in orange there. uncomfortable everywhere but the heat advisory criteria looks like it gets met here in the areas in orange. that includes the city of washington, southern maryland and you can see there lower eastern shore. again, daytime highs upper 90's today. we'll go 97. currently 80 degrees at 7:00 a.m. in washington. 75 dulles. 77 bwi marshall. sunshine to start the day. scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. and i do want to throw out there any storms we get going later today could be on the strong side. i think we're under a marginal risk for severe weather later today. much better chance we get widely -- we get a lot of thunderstorm activity tomorrow with a cold front. so that will be our best chance for some storminess this week and again, lots of water, please, limit your time outdoors, your pets' time outdoors and take the heat seriously later today. it will be near a hundred. > thanks, tuck. >> okay. >> all right. let's check on the commute this morning. hopefully everybody's air conditioning working in the
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>> right because that would not be great if you were sitting on the beltway and it wasn't. skyfox over 66 in centreville. heavy traffic from prince wlliam parkway through centreville and again the congestion lingers through vienna. basically from prince william parkway to the beltway it's over an hour delay. let's go ahead and take a look at our cameras. 395 northbound all the main lanes are at a crawl right now from the beltway through shirlington, hov lanes look really pleasant. after shirlington things open up a bit but anticipate a 15 minute delay. as we take a look at our maps good news for metro riders. all rail lines on time. normal service resumed on the orange and silver line between east falls church and ballston. southbound bw parkway crash at 175. 95 southbound better bet for you coming from the baltimor beltway. allison and steve. >> the other big story this morning, dangerously hot temperatures expected to once again soar in the dmv. >> might be the hottest day of 2017 so far. anjali hemphill live in dupont this morning with what we need to
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good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, guys. yeah, listen, i took the snapchat yesterday while i was at the capitol during my live shot, this is a screen shot of it where i got the temperature reading and you can see at 9:00 a.m., it was 84 degrees yesterday, that fire emoji obviously describing how we were feeling during our live shots yesterday. it is two hours from then right now, in the 7 o'clock hour and we are still looking at 80 degrees right now, so just an indication of how hot yesterday was, that's definitely going to be the case today and it's going to get even hotter. heat advisory in effect and that's why d.c. government has activated their heat emergency plan, which means all 19 of their cooling centers, 30 of their indoor and outdoor pools and 20 spray parks in and around the city will be opening today. most of them around noon throughout the afternoon where you can go and get some preleaf in this oppressive dangerous and even deadly heat we're going to see
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this map shows all the locations throughout the district. you can also find it on our web site so you should be able to find one nearby in most parts of the city. similar situation also in virginia, fairfax county, arlington, also in prince george's county as well. also another thing to keep in mind, guys, it's not a good day to keep your pets unattended outside or in the car. this is of course illegal now in d.c. they passed emergency legislation earlier this week cracking down on people who leave their pets unattended. you are not allowed to leave your pets outside for more than 15 minutes when the temperature is more than 90 degrees. we will be well above that today. also d.c. police have the ability now to break your car windows if they see a dog or a child for that matter inside left unattended to try and rescue them. you can face some steep fines for either of those so you're going to want to make sure that you pay attention and you do not leave anybody out in
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it's going to be dangerous. i'll send it back to you guys in the studio. that's the latest here in northwest. >> good reminder anjali thank you the. firefighters slowly surrounding doddss of wildfires in california. the so-called wall of fire in butte county has damaged or destroyed more than 100 structures including dozens of homes. evacuation orders have been reduced to warnings but authorities say more than 600 homes remain threatened. some of the people evacuated have and returned home. crews have also managed to contain the alamo fire which has blackened nearly 29,000 acres. >> months after video of a passenger being dragged off a united flight went viral, changes being made to protocol used by the security officers who dragged that passenger. details next. >> and later a driver in the district under arrest this morning in an accident that that sent a transgender woman to the hospital. but the question now will that driver face hate crime charges, too? >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> three months after this video of the man being dragged off the united airlines flight in chicago went viral, the city's department of aviation says it is making some changes to some of its procedures. now, part of that includes what the officers are wearing. removing the word police from the security officers' jackets because the officers in the video were not actually police officers. even though their jackets said they were. the uniform was improperly marked. this comes following a review of the incident, follows a city hard nance set to go into that effect this month and the headline here is that ordinance bans security officers from removing passengers from a plane but apparently they took it a step further and said hey these are not actual police officers, they're airport security. >> big changes going to change people's jackets. >> no, i just said the bottom line
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drag people off the plane anymore but they took it a step farther and said they're going to change the jackets. >> don't drag folks off the plane like that. >> i agree. looking at bright sunshine across the area. there's not a cloud in the sky to start your morning and the reason we're showing you that sunny shot is because that sun is going to heat us up to near 100 degrees later today. >> good. >> okay? now you're into it, hm. >> i have been trying to get the kids to the little county pool but it hasn't felt right. today it might actually be the day. >> okay, my advice, though, make sure you wear your flip-flops because the pavement is going to get super hot. >> super hot. >> record for today, a hundred degrees at reagan national. 99 up in baltimore and dulles 97. i don't think we'll hit any records but we're going to get close. that's our forecast highs. and again, that's the actual air temperature. mix in the humidity and what's it going feel like steve. >> 105.
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because of that we have a heat advisory. currently 80 glorious degrees in washington, same in new york. boston has had showers and storms overnight. they're only 65 degrees. the front is off to our north in new england and that cold front will drop into the region tomorrow. but i do want to throw out there after we get daytime heating today, we have a little trough coming 32 that will likely give us some scattered thunderstorm activity midafternoon and we could fire up a few strong storms later today. look out for that kind of midafternoon and a much better chance we get widespread thunderstorms tomorrow with a cold front that will cool us down and bring us less humidity for the weekend. so the weekend looks great. saturday and sunday generally sunny skies. hypes about that 90 with less humidity but we got to get there. today 97, hot, humid dangerous heat. >> all right. we'll let good. >> all right. >> okay, bye. >> bye-bye. >> let's check back in the commute. hi erin. >> mike thomas is set out to do a live show. he said should he take 50 or the inner loop. this is the inner loop in oxon hill. you're completely parked from branch
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bridge. sun glare and a ton of traffic. no reported crashes but it's like a 45 minute delay. please have some patience even the hov lanes are seeing some slow moving traffic and we're just super crowded right now and again heavy sun glare really hot conditions. i hope your air conditioner is working. that's not the only slow down this morning. good news for metro. normal service on the orange and silver. all of the rest of your rail lines on time. southbound bw parkway still dealing with a crash at 175. still coming down to the baltimore beltway take 95 southbound. things open up south of 32 on both of those routes but then 95 southbound icc to the beltway gets a little heavy. we have some stop-and-go traffic on the southbound side out by powder mill road. top of the beltway jams from route one to georgia avenue with about a 15 minute delay. 66 eastbound very slow traffic in manassas and centreville. same story 95 northbound in stafford and dale city. back to you guys. >> time right now is 7:18. an arres
7:19 am
hit-and-run accident that has left a transgender woman in the hospital for more than a week. >> big question though this morning was this a hate crime? fox5's bob barnard live from the scene of that hit-and-run at fourth and k northeast. bob. >> reporter: hey, allison and steve. yes, her friends have a facebook page it's called justice for boo-boo. that's her nickname. we're not going to identify her other than that. they also say on that facebook page stop killing black trans women. this is where the accident happened. she was not killed. she's in the hospital. this is where it happened. this woman had been out with friends on the fourth of july just a couple blocks from the h street northeast corridor. this is fourth and k streets northeast. happened about 3:20 in the morning on july 5th. she was struck and injured here in the street. the driver, though, has just been arrested. the car was recovered as well with some windshield damage. the 18-year-old driver stark man anderson of northeast d.c. has been charged with aggravated assault while armed. the car being the
7:20 am
police say words were exchanged before the collision and because the victim is a transgender woman, they're wondering was this a hate crime. >> after looking at the investigation at this point we believe the vehicle was used as a weapon which as you know our victim received some very serious injuries as a result and we were able to get a warrant for the arrest of mr. anderson. now, to your question as to whether this was a hate crime or not, we cannot definitively say at this point that it was a hate crime. >> reporter: and detectives say the victim and the teen arrested did not know each other. the victim suffering multiple injuries. but stable condition.ritical- the suspect, the 18-year-old, mr. anderson, is due in court today and the detective said that we should learn more information, more of the details about what happened before the car hit her here on the street in the court documents that will be released today, guys.
7:21 am
7:20. as gang violence in the region continues to be ongoing concerns some law enforcement officials say they're being kept from doing their jobs because of complicated rules when it comes to prosecuting gang crimes. we'll take a closer look at that debate ahead. >> first though caught on camera, the unusual items that one passenger was able to fit on board a train. i think you're seeing some of it right there. we'll be right back. >> hard to recognize what it is. >> is that a toaster?
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>> back at 7:23 on a thursday morning and a group of kayakers is in the midst of a 113-mile trek from cuba to key west, florida. the four started their journey yesterday from havana. they are accompanied by a crew from a cuban yacht club. two of the team members say the journey is to show respect to the past. the trip is expected to take between 30 to 40 hours. >> if you've ever moved you know that renting a moving truck can be hassle. this might not be the best alternative but look, you got to get things somewhere you got to get them somewhere. this is australia. surveillance cameras caught people using the train system to move their furniture. one man as you saw a full size refrigerator squeezed onto the train. another group of men got a couch on the train. the man with the fridge, however, apparently was told that that's a big old no-no. he was fined. so i guess it might as well pay the moves at that point. >> got to do what you can do. >> first a
7:25 am
we like to have a theme thing going on. that's what happened. >> today it's wacky australia. >> you can check small pieces of baggage,. >> beer cans. >> bring refrigerators on trains. >> whatever you want to do or not. >> 80 now in washington. we'll be near a hundred this afternoon. sorry about that. heat advisory in effect at noon today. heat index will be very close to about 105 this afternoon. this will be our hottest day of the year so far. and it will be the hottest day of our current heat wave so it will be a little better by tomorrow and then much better by the week. just got to get through today and tomorrow and then some relief by saturday. sunshine out there early. sunny morning and then we'll get some clouds this afternoon and just a heads up, we could have a few strong storms today. the main event for storm activity will be tomorrow with a vigorous cold front but today there could be a few strong storms kind of midafternoon. look for those. we're -- i think officially under a marginal risk for severe weather. in this at fierce once they get going they could be
7:26 am
strong. storms tomorrow afternoon bring us relief for the weekend. highs 90. much less humidity. saturday and sunday will feel great after the last couple days. >> i found our epic throwback on this throwback thursday and it's posted on my ig if you want to see it. >> i'm going to look right now. >> we didn't do well last year. >> in the heat it. >> yes. >> i'll go right now. >> that was good tease 'cause i'm really excited. >> check mel me out on instagra. >> inner loop crash after the interchange. adding to the delays the sun glare and the heavy volume. we have a crash that is why the volume is getting even worse. so please give yourself at least an extra 45 minutes to get from prince george's county into alexandria this morning. aside from that heavy volume on the top of the beltway in college park by the outer loop 66 eastbound through manassas 95 northbound through stafford and dale city and 270 southbound from urbana. basically there's heavy traffic everywhere. have some patience. bring some good music or a podcast. alliso
7:27 am
>> good advice. ahead, fox5 is staying on top of ongoing gang violence in the d.c. region. >> specifically looking at when it comes to convicting gang members. are prosecutors' hands tide? we'll take a closer look at that argument next. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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z2cpsz zi0z
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y2cpsy yi0y >> that's a good hot hot hot weather day song. love it so much. 7:29 right now. 80 degrees already at 7:29. you heard me right. 80 degrees. okay. live look over the dmv. dangerously hot out there all jokes aside take your time if you have to be out there in the heat. first, though, just about 7:30 now let's check your top stories. we begin with grimaces discovery in the search for four missing pennsylvania men the body of one of those men has been identified
7:30 am
a grave with human remains. officials say it's the body of 19-year-old dean finocchiaro. investigators fear the body of the other men may be in that grave as well. the person of interest in this case 20-year-old cosmo dinardo. he's being held on $5 million bail but so far he has not been charged in any of the men's disappearances. also developing this morning, one of the marines killed in that fiery plane crash in mississippi earlier this week was from frederick, maryland. family of staff staff sergeant william confirm the tragic news on facebook. 15 other service members killed in that crash. happening today, president donald trump is now overseas in france on a two-day trip for bastille day. the president will serve as the guest of honor at the military parade on the hundredth anniversary of america's entry into world war one. meanwhile back here at home busy day on capitol hill. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will release a
7:31 am
health care bill. the new measure would ease some cuts to medicaid and increase subsidies for people with lower incomes. >> steve. >> 7:31 right now. fox5 continuing to stay on top of the growing gang problem in our region. this morning this question. are prosecutors having their hands tied when it comes to convicts suspected gang members. ms13 and other gangs becoming a larger presence in the metro area, and some law enforcement officials say they're being kept from doing their jobs because of complicated rules for prosecuting a crime as being gang related. one of those frustrated officials long time states from montgomery county john mccarthy joins us now. good morning, john. > good morning. >> there was a gang statute past seven or eight years ago in -- it was supposed to be a tool. mirrored sort of what happens on the federal level people heard of ricoh statutes. they gave us a statute on wielding, not usable. every prosecutor chief prosecutor in maryland at the time said look this is not going to be much of an effective
7:32 am
they passed the law any wage it's been used four or five times but the problem s it's two cumbersome for to us use and quite candidly with the growing number of gang crimes, particularly violent crimes and in mice jurisdictions homicides we need them to go back and look at that tool and give us a ricoh state statute so we can attack these gangs at the leadership level. >> there be some saying homicide is a homicide and assault is an assault. what is it that gives you that added i guess layer of prosecution to have it quote unquote gang related? >> what will happen s if we can prove the lynn catch between the leadership and the actions of their associates, much like organized crime kinds of prosecution where is the leaders -- we're able to go after the individual leaders who are ordering the crimes even if they're not participating directly in them as long as we can show the link catch there's the existence of the gangs, and these acts were done by individual members of the gan
7:33 am
activities. it helps us chop the head off of these gangs. that's the bottom line. >> i know some of your frustration when it comes to the way that this is superintendent. you have to have certain identifiers to prove that somebody is connected with a gang. >> that's exactly right. >> but it seems -- >> not uniform by the way. they're not uniform. how you classify or certify that somebody is a gang member, there are a number of different criteria and sometimes that's what skus the numbers. i really thing gang related crime in my jurisdiction is under reported. we're not gathering the numbers. >> pictures we're showing right here, though, it's quite obvious by body markings and everything else, isn't that enough to prove somebody is in a gang it. >> depends upon who -- some people say merely having the tattoos flashing a gang sign is not enough. here's an absurd under federal criteria right now if i said i was a member of ms13, i admit i was member of ms13, that is not sufficient under most criteria to certify you and put knew the database as member of ms13, even though you've told me you're a member
7:34 am
>> so what needs to happen to make the situation easier to prosecute and easier to get gang members off the streets? >> let me say this. there's -- we need a new statute to make it ease your for to us target the leadership in these gangs. we need a federal like ricoh statute on state level in maryland, number one. number two, we need to be able to gather numbers that more accurately reflect the size of the problem we're talking about. in the area of homicide, the numbers -- they're not enormous numbers but we've gone from zero or one homicide that were gang related in montgomery county on a typical year. most years zero. in the last 24 months, we have had have had 18 and ten of the 18 are ms13. and these are overkill cases with younger offenders. many of our victims are under 18. many of our killers are under the age of 18. there's a lure that happens in everyone of these cases. there's massive overkill and what happens you'll have eight or ten people set upon an individual and everybody is
7:35 am
participating. these are gruesome crimes and i will tell you as a community we have to wake up to what's happening. there's a really growing potential danger being orchestrated and looks, our federal partners have told us, this is being orchestrated out of el salvador in terms of ms13 in particular and going on for years. >> you've been at this job for 12 years as states attorney in montgomery county. do you see the problem much worse now than it was when you took on this role 12 years ago, and can your office we talk bout hands being tied, do you know more about what's going on out there than you can actually go after from a legal standpoint? >> yes our hands are tied because we don't have the tools legally. i think the problem got worse. 2009 we were able to convict 42 members of the leadership of ms13 in maryland. i will tell you we basically effectively cut the head off of ms13. strategically as the gang had additional pressure put on it in el salvador, orders came to ancillary gangs located in the
7:36 am
county to expand their activities in terms of protection, prostitution, drug running, they've done that, that's is happening in our county, and there's been an explosion in terms of recruitment and violence associated with that recru recruitment. >> we can talk for long time. unfortunate we'll have to wrap it up. >> is the bottom line more funding? is it reaching out to state officials? what is itúri, look, we can get these people off the street? >> i think we need more resources and we need better tools. new laws that make it ease your for to us target the leadership went need greater resources. resources, social media. they are using social media. we should be spending time every day with researchers and par la rah legals looking at social immediate yachts unbelievable what you can find on social media about the relationships and the activities of gangs in your community simply going on facebook. >> we can zen sewer frustration g to talk to you, john. >> thanks. >> it's a serious problem not just in montgomery county. >> it's a nationwide and regional problem. >> huer s john mccarthy states attorney for montgomery county.
7:37 am
forecast. >> hottest day so far. temperatures expected to be in the upper 90s. heat index about 105. heat advisory goes into effect here in the city at 12 noon. current number 80 in washington. not much cooling overnight. very humid out there as well. 80 up in new york. cooler towards boston we got a front that will drop down in the region tomorrow. cooler weekend ahead. up ahead of it a couple hot days. today will be the hottest day in this heat wave and again we could have thunderstorm activity later this afternoon. so just be on the look out for that. better chance of storms tomorrow. 97 here in washington. look at fredericksburg, nine and in degrees. more weather momentarily. erin is back with roads. >> 7:37. crash alert on the inner loop right near braddock road. you can see the center lanes right now are blocked. one car is facing the wrong direction. huge delays building. this is joining the delay all the way back to before branch avenue. at least 45 extra minutes to get through this area. we're going to track this terrible delay. keep it on the right or left lanes to get through. aside from that off loading train on the orange line from new car
7:38 am
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termination fee. go to ♪ all right. welcome back. it is now 7:40. new concerns for verizon customers as the company says personal data of roughly 6 million people has been leaked and they're blaming that on human error. saying security setting on a cloud server was miss configured.
7:41 am
numbers some opinion codes. the problem has been fixed but if you have called for customer support this year, you might want to change your opinion now. as a matter of fact they recommend that you do so. so far no reports though of any personal info actually being stolen. that is a pain. >> okay. get ready to check your bags and your face. homeland -- the department of homeland security is looking to have u.s. citizens boarding international flights scan their faces to get on board. six airpors are testing out trial runs including very own dulles airport. also, giving eight try, chicago, houston, atlanta and jfk in new york. critics call the move an invasion of privacy. the dhs says it's needed to track non immigrant foreigners. anybody watching out there have several jobs to make ends meet or make some extra cash? we've all been there at some point, right. >> right. according to bank rate had the com near 44 million americans have a side job also known as a side hustle in some cases. >> yeah. >> you keep your day job but yo
7:42 am
something else entirely outside your usual work day. but the age group most likely to get the side gigs, millennials actually 28% of adults between the ages of 81 to 26 w working o or three jobs most bringing in an extra 500 bucks a month. >> got to do was got to do. >> that's right. grab the ketchup today is national french friday. here's where to score free fries. mcdonald's offering free medium fries if you order through the app through september 7th. arby's away those curly fries. if you order a brown sugar bacon sandwich. you have to order the sandwich. burger king not free but for 3.49 you can get two cheesburgers a small drink and a small order of fries. burger king, always doing the most. dairy queen charging a buck for a small order of fries. >> i feel the free fries is doing the most in this case. >> you got to buy all that stuff. cheeseburger, okay, two of them. >> or order anything you want off the menu as long as fries are involved you get fries. >> or pay for some fries.
7:43 am
how well do you know the map of the united states? and we're not just talking about the outline of the country. >> right. >> like all the individual states. can you draw them the shape of each state. >> challenge circulating on social media and this morning we are getting in on the fun, too. we're putting fox5 to the test. in essence we're putting us to the test. >> we sure are. >> right. okay. ♪ okay. ♪♪
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
all righty. 7:45. hello tucker barnes. >> good morning. it's all about heat. upper 90 today's, heat index near 105. hottest day of the week. hottest day of the year. >> am i right in saying the hottest it ever got in maryland was 106? >> yeah. i think we tied that back in 2012. we did maybe 1930s as well. >> okay. >> yeah. >> so i mean are we in record territory at all. >> we're close. our record for today is 100 and we're forecasting 97. >> i feel like we hit 100 or close to 100 at least once a summer, right? >> yeah. typically, in a given summer we'll get in the upper 90 as few times. we don't hit 100 very often. every couple years we hit a 100. >> this could be that day. >> today the zest best possibility so far this year. heat advisory in effect at noon today. all the area there shaded in orange. north and west it's not that you'll be comfortable not under the criteria here for the heat advisory and again the heat advisory because the heat index actual air temperature and humidity will
7:47 am
later today. more like 100 off to the north and west. all right. current numbers already hot. 80 in washington. 78 in annapolis. leonardtown is 81 degrees. 79 in quantico. i guess little bit better to the west. dulles and frederick and manassas in the mid 70s to start the morning. dew point numbers get these above 65. i'm just trying to show you how humid it is. you get above 65 you'll notice that humidity get it above 70 and it feels like sauna out there and look at that. 73 the current dew point in town here. 76 in annapolis. 73 leonardtown. quantico 74 fredericksburg it is swampy stuff out there. swampy and sticky. >> yukky. >> and sweaty. say that again. clear skies, sunshine, just plain old hot today. please take it easy lots of water. if you got to work outdoors get yourself in the shade as much as you can. look out for storms mid afternoon. we have a little trough coming through. this is not the main event the main event will get in here tomorrow with a cold front. sober mood today high set up and this
7:48 am
afternoon and with all this heating all this energy in the atmosphere we can fire up a few strong storms. so just look out for a little later today and then this frontal system will drop down into our region tomorrow. i think we'll have widespread storms around here tomorrow afternoon and a few of those could be strong as well. here's future cast. there goes future cast. sorry about that. [ laughter ] >> try to show you in a moment. 97 today. 95 tomorrow. behind the front that comes in tomorrow afternoon, it will feel a lot better around here both saturday and sunday highs about 90. low humidity, lots of sunshine. lots of nice weather to look forward to this weekend. all right. it's time for the state test. erin? >> i don't know. i'm going get nervous like i did in elementary school and high school during tests. right now, big crash taking out a center lane this is the inner loop right near braddock road after the springfield interchange. traffic getting by to the right lane and the left lane. now notice because of that we're seeing a huge backup from before the springfield interchange. want to switch it over to the maps. you can see traffic flowing but the backup around that crash is pretty significant. hopefully they'll cle
7:49 am
delay there. almost all the way back from the delay from prince george's county from branch avenue to across the wilson bridge that's a huge delay as well so the inner loop dealing with pretty nasty conditions this morning. as you make your way out on 50 inbound jammed from chef toll 295. and then also on new york avenue past bladensburg rode 295 southbound pretty severe parking lot because of a crash blocking the left lane. after east capitol street right before pennsylvania avenue. it's about a 15 minute slow down there and then southbound bw parkway there's a crash there at 175 it's been out there for while. so traffic is backing up for several miles. 95 southbound dealing with heavy volume as well. leave early coming down from the baltimore beltway. we'll take closer look at the maryland and virginia drive times next. back to you guys. >> erin, thank you very much. all right. the annual espy awards were last night hell at staple center in los angeles to honor the best of the best when it comes to sp sports. this year's show hosted by not russell wilson but pay tan monning this morning peyton manning
7:50 am
praised for his sense of humor in opening monologue, however, look at the look katie is giving him. >> clearly it's a little bit. >> not everybody found it funny especially kevin duran. this was his reaction after manning made a joke about duran. sports illustrated tweeted out the internet. durant was smiling later on in the night the golden state warriors were awarded the best team. >> we have 12 other guys that obviously helped us achieve this award. so shout out to all those guys. unbelievable year. a lot of noise and hype around from the beginning of the season but we tried to keep our head down and focus on the process and knot nine months later, got another ship. we became it's an amazing feeling. >> shout out to wanda duran his mom was there. >> i love it. several time guest of our show here today. >> russell westbrook took home best male athlete. simone biles took home best female athlete. get to the
7:51 am
first time in eight years an american headed to the wimbledon semi finals same query who beat andy murray yesterday in five sets. down two sets to one and then came storming back won 12 of the last 13 games in the final two sets. so query will now play in the semis tomorrow. all right. here's a question for you. if you could only bring one item with you on a plane and you decided to check said item, what item would that be? >> beer can. >> i know what it wouldn't be. >> tucker said a beer can. >> it would be a light beer can. >> tucker is what we like to call a spoiler. >> it is a beer can much that's what one australian man he check a single can of light beer. would you check light beer if you were going to -- if it was that important to you? any way, he check it on flight from melbourne to perth over the weekend. he hatch the plan with his friend who works for airline after they found no rule against it. they thought it would be so funny to do that. so he dropped the can off at baggage. and sure that you have they slapped a sticker on it. >> i thought it was kind of
7:52 am
>> why not? >> it seems very juvenile. >> it seems trang prank issue much it's harmless. >> you knew it arrived safely when he notice add crowd of people taking pictures around the baggage carousel and perhaps that's what he want. >> i will say this, al. now that it's been done, it's been done. don't go checking beer cans now. no here's question for you. back here we'll leave australia behind come back to the united states. how well do you know our 50 states specifically the shape of the states. >> i'm finding out i do not know them well. >> i don't think many people do. >> could you draw all of them just from memory? you might have seen the question yours self on facebook on your feed there's a geological quiz that's gone viral and holly joins us now to explain. see if we're up to the chal challenge. >> yeah, it will be fun. all right. here's the deal. time put this out yesterday, and basically here's our 50 states and they're asking for you to draw each state individually. it's at random this is how it work. take look at this. try to memorize it if you can because this is how the test begi.
7:53 am
and then using either your mouse pad or your tipping if you're doing it on your phone, so like here it is, it says can you draw vermont? one our producers obviously in the control room is doing this using the mouse pad. you draw it, then once you're done, you say, how did i do? you click on it. boom. gives i was grade. b. that's pretty good, right. then what it does, so here's let's draw colorado. >> draw a square. anything west of the mississippi i say go with a square. you're pretty close this will be a pretty good grade. let's see what he gets. >> b plus. >> all right. so then what it does, you go down here, and it actually puts your states in the right location so at the end of the quiz then you have all 50 states according to you. and you can see how well you did. right. it doesn't matter how big you draw it it will scale it to the right size here. so here's the deal. tucker just when you thought it was only all about summer camp, ring the bell, because school --
7:54 am
>> is back in session. we're having a little summer school for you all. we'll have tucker since he's the weather guy, right, versus the anchors. in theory you should be pretty good at this tuck, right. >> i feel pretty confident going in. >> you feel confident. you already did virginia. >> i didn't hit it yet. >> we'll see how you did. >> okay. how did i do? >> c? >> c. that's outrageous. >> it's hard. >> virginia, that's tough. let's did one more. rhode island. >> that's hard. >> pressure is on. draw a rectangle. >> go, go, go. >> i have to do the bay. the more detail you put in the worst grade you get. i'll bet if you did a square you'd get it right. >> c. >> this is fixed. >> you can continue to work on it. and now let's come over here and check out the anchors. okay steve. >> i've been doing speed drawing to try to get through this. >> okay. >> you've got minnesota up. let's see how did you. >> did you look -- steve? >> it's minnesota. >> steve has been cheating. it's still a b. >> but that's pretty good. >> i'm telling you, whe
7:55 am
to like wyoming and colorado you'll get an a. those are sure a states. >> all right. allison -- how many islands in hawaii? >> you're doing hawaii. >> i did that and i got an f. >> hawaii is tough. multiple parts. >> f. >> see. >> all right. that's okay. you still have a chance to bring your grade up. >> that's not an f. al, you would the islands. >> no cheat. stick to your own. i want you guys to continue to work on in about an hur we'll come back and see how your map is shaping out. >> even if we have segments to study for and stuff? >> sorry, don't worry about the news. this is important. >> okay. >> all right there. you go. >> try it at home if you want and we'll get a grade later. >> that's cool. holly, thanks so much. >> tucker, good morning. >> i'm in the worst mood now. >> i know. >> worser mood? >> don't mess up your home state. >> i haven't gotten any higher than a c yet. let me do the weather maybe aisle be better at that. already 82. heat index 87 degrees showing the humidity a lot of humidity.
7:56 am 105 this afternoon. lots and lots of water. please stay hydrated look for signs of heat exhausted in you're outside for any period of time. please bring your pets in. heat advisory until 8:00 o'clock tonight. tomorrow storms will bring us relief in the form of cooler air and drier air for the weekend. highs about 90 saturday and sunday. let me mention very quickly could be some storms this afternoon as well look out for those. erin is back with roads? >> i am we'll take look at those drive times in maryland to start. we do have delays 270 southbound not terrible 38 minute trip from urbana to the beltway keep in mine the inner loop from 270 to 95 is a 58 minute ride. outer loop is a 21 minute trip so not looking so great on the inner loop right now. 50 inbound from the bowie area to the beltway just eight minutes inside the beltway you jam up through cheverly here's a look in virginia. just under an hour to get from 234 prince william parkway to the beltway on 66 eastbound. 267 is nice and quiet. 95 northbound jams through dale city and 39527 minute ride from the
7:57 am
bridge. alison and steve. >> time for facebook fan of the day. today it is miss phyllis adams. >> what great picture that is. >> love it. >> she's getting ready to celebrate a birthday where she will be 64 years young this weekend. happy birthday, phyllis. >> she'd be lost without fox5. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day leave a comment and a photo blow phyllis'. >> happy birthday. >> 7:57 right now. stay with us. we'll be back for the top of the 8:00 o'clock right after this. ♪ ♪♪
7:58 am
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8:00 am
♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. good morning. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. thanks for joining us this morning. 8:00 on this thursday, ju july 13 many, 2017. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. >> major break in the search for four missing men in penns pennsylvania. a grave with human remains discovered and the body of one of those men identified. >> plus a busy day on capitol hill. senate republicans expected to release a revised version of their health care bill. we're live with what the proposal may include. >> and indoor trampoline dangers. a doctor is in with a warning parents need to hear. first though live look outside. our other huge headline today is the excessive heat that's on the way. right now 80 degrees at 8:00 o'clock. but it's
8:01 am
20 degrees almost in some parts. >> good thing that's a fountain. i thought it was super hazy down there along the anna cos city ya river. very nice. yards park area. going to be hot one today for sure. very pretty though. developing right now let's get to the news 8:00 o'clock. investigators back at a rural farm outside of pennsylvania -- philadelphia, pennsylvania, this hour searching where they found the body of 19-year-old dean finocchiaro. >> the teen was found buried in a 12-foot mass grave. evanish last week along with three other young men. setting off nationwide search. other remains were found at the farm but they haven't identified them yet. investigators have named the properties owners son 20-year-old cosmo dinardo a person of interest. he was arrested yesterday on charges that he tried to sell one of the missing men's cars. >> this is a homicide. make no mistake about it. we just don't know how homicides we are yet to know the toons that question. >> right now, dinardo is being held
8:02 am
he is considered a flight risk. also developing overnight a local closer to home police in prince william county investigate a double shooting this happened near occoquan road and colonial drive. one victim was shot in the upper body. the other in the lower body both suffering non-life threatening injuries. police do not believe the shooting was random no word on suspect or motive. ♪ 8:02. we learned this morning that one of the marines killed in that fiery plane crash in mississippi earlier this week was from maryland. the family of staff sergeant william cun drott confirm the tragic news on facebook. they're grateful for all the condolences. he was from frederick and graduated from governor thomas johnson high school in 2002. 15 other service members killed in that crash as well. >> new morning arrest made in hit-and-run accident that happened in the district it left a transgender woman in the hospital for more than a week. >> d.c. police giving new details in this case and they're talking about whether it's a hate crime or not. x5
8:03 am
morning from the scene of that hit-and-run at fourth and k northeast. bob? >> reporter: hey g morning allison and steve. yes, the victim in this case was not killed. she was critically injured, though, and her friends have started a facebook page for her. it's basically called justice for boo boo that's the only way we're going to identify her as by her nickname boo boo. but you see on there they say, stop killing black trance women. sean killed but they believe her friends believe she was targeted because she was trance woman. as you mention the it happened here at fourth and k streets northeast. it was late on the fourth of july she had been out with friends was actually struck here on the street about 3:20 in the morning. she was walking. the car hit her. it was hit-and-run initially. but just yesterday the driver was finally arrested and the car recovered with windshield da damage. the young man who's been charged 18-year-old stark man anderson of northeast dc charged with aggravated assau
8:04 am
the car being the weapon. police say words were exchanged before the collision and, again, because the victim is transgender, police are wondering whether this was hate crime. whether it is or not, and they haven't determined that, police say they are concerned. >> any time you have a crime like this in the district of columbia, we definitely want to seek for speedy arrest. any crime in d.c., whether it's a murder or whether it's a vehicular accident where we believe the vehicle was used as a weapon is something that we will not tolerate as police department here in the district of columbia. >> reporter: and police say they don't believe the teen arrested and the victim knew each other. again, she was hospitalized. we're told according to police that she's in critical but stable condition, and the teen suspect mr. anderson is due in court this morning a
8:05 am
documents we'll type out more about what was said and done prior to the hit-and-run here on this street. guys? >> bob, thank you. in the meantime dc police investigating after a woman said she was attacked by a group of about 15 young people in the barrack row neighbor this happened last night near six many and e streets southeast. six juveniles were arrested at the scene but eventually they were let government it may have been a botched robbery. ♪ tucker put down your states pen and come over and tell us about the heat wave. >> we're all busy doing the states quiz. >> it's going to be super duper hot. it's already 82 degrees. is that true? jumped 2 degrees? >> overnight low was 79. so -- >> yeah. >> that state quiz is -- >> um-hmm. >> i drew maryland perfectly. >> yes. >> it gave me an f. >> i did the same thing. >> it's a brain drain. >> let's do the forecast. all right. yes. heat advisory neck. let's see if we can draw these maps correctly in effect at noon today.
8:06 am
90s and you mix in the humidity, and it's going to feel unfortunately like 105 today. so because of that the weather service issuing that heat advisory. it goes in effect at noon through 8:00 o'clock tonight. extreme heat around here later today with generally sunny skies this morning. we're going to want temperatures really jump the next couple of hours. 82 at ray dan national. 79 out at dulles up in baltimore at bwi marshall 81 degrees. sunshine to start your day. hey look out for few storms this afternoon they'll be scattered. but those that develop could be on the strong side a lot of juice in the hat atmosphere if we can get them going there could be one or two strong ones later today. much better chance of storms tomorrow with temperatures back in the 90s tomorrow afternoon we can have a round of strong storms and cooler weather for the weekend. so we're almost done with this heat wave. today will be the worst of it again. mid to upper 90s by 5:00 p.m. with scattered storms and again heat index 105 this afternoon much pleases don't leave any pets in the car. bring your pets inside. check on your elderly neighbors. make sure air-conditioners working all of that. >> i just drew a really nice gegi
8:07 am
>> and drew a square for colorado and got an a plus. >> that's answer just draw squares. >> square is the way to go. >> erin, are you doing this little quiz? >> i got mad. >> i'm out. >> i'm in it and i'm not going to win it. so... [ laughter ] >> i'm getting hives and getting nervous. i feel like i'm in class again and under repaired for a test. [ laughter ] >> perhaps i've been there before. >> i just want to say my depictions of maryland is spot on and i got an f. >> that is 100% shenanigans. >> right. >> i was searching for appropriate word there. right now you can see traffic once again moving. earlier crash after the springfield interchange on braddock road cleared. traffic patterns getting back to normal. as we forward it along to our maps aside from that one we can see right now 270 southbound on our maps disable dump truck at 118 right shoulder blocked that's in the delay it's just about a 35 minute delay from urbana down to the beltway and then in the district, left lane blocked after east capitol street. we're seeing delays from
8:08 am
pennsylvania because of that an& in cheverly, keep in mind 50 jams up from before 202 to 295. forest of your commute movie delays on the inner loop from branch avenue to the wilson bridge and delays on the orange line earlier malfunction at farah but west. back to you guys. >> erin, thanks very much. 8:08 right now. it's time for the morning briefing, and president trump and the fir lady arrived in paris earlier this morning. later today the president and french president mack krohn will hold around of bilateral meetings and news conference the two leaders far apart when it comes to climate change and immigration. will likely find common ground when fighting terrorism. president trump will be the get of honor at bastille day and will take part in sr. moans marking the 100th anniversary of the u.s. getting in world war ii. senate leaders will reavail a newly revised health care plan. >> the latest effort to rhee repeal and replace obama care. melanie alnwick is live from capitol hill with the latest this morning. mel? >> repor
8:09 am
allison, the words may change, but the math remains the same when it comes to getting this bill passed. republicans can't lose more than two votes and it is going to be right down to the wire. last night president trump ramped up the pressure saying he would be quote very angry if republicans cannot get this one through. now, the new bill does keep most of the medicaid cuts a few tweaks there and make other changes designed to win over votes. it would delete health care taxes, but keep the extra tax on individuals to help people with lower income pay their premiums. there also be more money for states to combat drug a abuse it's still going to be a squeaker to get it through the senate. some republicans say the plan doesn't go far enough to scrap obama care and not a single democrat will vote for this. vice-president mike pence told business owners in kentucky not to worry. >> the president's belief is
8:10 am
the american economy and i hear that -- i hear that in one voice after another among businesses here. so just be encouraged. help is on the way. >> vice-president mike pence could be the deciding vote in this, and we know he's coming to the capitol this morning to try to meet with those gop senators who are undecided at this point. they're all waiting to see what the details are there. they're going to be revealed in a closed door meeting to certain gop senators at 11:30 this morning. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. house majority whip steve scalise has been transferred out of the icu. the louisiana congressman remains in serious condition and still being treated for an infection. scalise was shot on june 14th during a congressional baseball practice in alexandria. doctors say he faces at least a femo
8:11 am
8:10 right now. still to come, the heat is on. so get ready to sweat today. the temperatures dangerously high. you know, we do have warnings out there today. we're taking it seriously. details on precautions that you shall be taking. >> and a sleeping woman's close encounter with a mountain lion. how she managed to get that joker out of her home uninjured. nobody was hurt here. scared to death but not hurt. >> i would think so. ♪ ♪♪
8:12 am
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>> 8:13 right now. give a little extra time for the cool down factor today. >> got to kyle down. >> yes. >> yes. find some water. pool or cuteness. >> or cuteness. >> yeah. >> right. we'll do cuteness here. we'll deliver. fox5 first five photo of the day. we got ava everybody. >> ava. >> wait one second. i can't. i got to go. >> awesome picture. >> i in many in love. yes. it does remind you of a j5 fro back in the day. >> ava, i love the picture. this is, washington a great picture. >> oh my gosh. >> you are at the beach. you're cooling us down. >> look at her cute little bathing suit she's just killing the game right now. >> right? >> she's just two. i can't wait to see like how about when she's 18. she is just going to be -- >> right. >> fashionista. >> ava, i got to tell you my hairs look like that when i was two. >> that is a big beautiful head of curly hair.
8:15 am
she wakes right on time to watch fox5 each and every morning before she heads off to daycare. >> whether she wants to or not. i'm sure she'd rather be watching whatever the kids watch today. little barney act. southbound sesame street. >> you can get enough of us. >> okay. then hi ava. >> we love it. >> eye we hospital you see yourself on tv right now. is that me mom. >> ava loves her morning team much this is super sweet and that -- >> tucker her fave. >> i know it's hard to say that. >> yay tucker is our fave too. >> that's sweet. thank you, thank you. to send us your picture go to our facebook page fox5 d.c. ava likes me because i have cool weather maps and she can go to the beach. >> ava has the right idea for weather. i'm doing the weather first, right? okay. yeah. in fact -- >> i think this heat is a making i was little -- >> it's the estate thing. i haven't let it go yet. hottest day so far. in the midst of our heat wave. we got today and tomorrow and then relief for the weekend. but we will be looking at dayt
8:16 am
upper 90s and a heat index about 105 today. heat advisory in effect at noon today. it's our first heat advisory of this particular heat wave. all right. 82 now in washington. 82 up in new york. 82 in richmond. a hot and sweaty start very very humid out there early. we'll have both a lot of heat an lot of humidity and the possibility of scatter the thunderstorms this afternoon. anything that gets going could be on the strong side. we've got a lot of juice in the atmosphere, so it won't take a lot to get strong thunderstorm going. better chance of storms tomorrow so widely scattered today. and then a pretty good chaps most of the region will get storms tomorrow with a cold front and then you can see relief by the weekend. 97 today. around 90 for the weekend best part less humidity. little cooler much less humidity. >> it's funny you said cold front when it's a high of 95. >> it's relative. >> it's july. >> can i give you a spoiler alert for the silly state drawing thing we've been doing? >> i just drew my last state. it doesn't give you a final score. >> it doesn't. it just says congrats you drew them
8:17 am
be c for everybody. >> there's no score. it's kind of a let down. >> oh. >> so it shows i was map of where all your states would fit. >> tucker was getting so mad. >> yeah, i was getting mad. >> because i came over end let me try a couple even literally was drawing squares and got b plus on every single one. it's like high school again. >> in the meantime let's continue to deal with the heat right now. because we are in here and the cozy confines of the fox5 studios. >> yes. >> someone sells down by the famous temperature watcher meter clock thermometer. >> that someone sells anjali hemphill and she's actually moved. she's at yard park. i suggest you put your feet in that wonderful little fountain situation pool thing that's right behind you. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. oh, don't worry, i will. yeah, we were at dupont circle all morning, and honestly it start the getting too hot with all the pavement around the sun came out. we were watching that temperature clock climb higher and higher and it
8:18 am
us anxiety so we came to the coolest spot in the city so we think here in southeast at yards park where we are find ourselves right under a beautiful waterfall here getting some nice cool mist on us as you said, a huge shallow pool is also here for perfect for kids to play splash around in to find relief from the hottest day of the summer so far. which will be today. and this is just one of many splash parks, cooling center that is have opened in across the city. d.c. government has activated their heat emergency plan opening 19 cooling centers, 30 pools and more than 20 spray parks across the city. this map shows locations all over the map there throughout the district. so should be winner by in most parts of d.c. if you feel the need so find some relief today. you probably will. it's going to be a terrible day to be outside. it's also going to be terrible day to leave your pets outside. d.c. council just passed emergency legislation this week
8:19 am
item which are regarding leaving your pets in hot cars and leaving them outside in the y yard. this is absolutely not allowed. they are not allowed to be left outside for more than 15 minutes when it's more than 90 degrees out. and police now have the ability to break your car window if they come across any pets locked inside a car on these hot days. so want to keep that in mine. you don't want to get caught doing and that it's also complete unsafe for your animals and of course your kids as well. be mindful of that. today is a day to stay hydrated and of course d.c. prince george's county fairfax county arlington all opening up their splash parks and pools today so if you do need relief if you don't have access to ac you can come down to one of these to cool off. that's the latest here in southeast, guys, i'll sent it back to you in the studio. >> anjali thank you very. let's get a look to erin way look at traffic. sorry getting you involved because we're doing this whole drawing exercise. >> they told me anjali was coming fst
8:20 am
excited about the state test. i talk in class i'm sorry. >> anjali should totally jump into that pool. >> yes. >> i'm voting for that. >> just step in. very shallow. >> after the last couple nats games so many people, especially kids. good way to cool off. >> so many kids and it was empty she should take advantage of it unfortunately the inner loop it has been just super yukky all morning long. if you can say it that way. from branch avenue to the wilson bridge prince george's county into alexandria so at least a 45 minute delay. things opening up after the springfield interchange because earlier crash by braddock road cleared let's switch it over also jammed through tysons on the inner loop and across the legion bridge. i want to show i was look at our maps. maybe i shall not have had double shot of espresso today making me very chatty and i cannot speak correctly. right now you can see 295 southbound backs up orange line earlier train malfunction at farragut delays. metro on time. earlier crash cleared but delays southbound bw parkway at 175. there we government better pacing. back to you guy
8:21 am
wild scene in northern california. surveillance video showing a mountain lion i want to you hear me when i tell you this a mountain lion was roaming an apartment complex parking lot. >> here it comes. >> here it is moments later it jumps through an open window of an apartment. first of all close your windows at night that's not good either. any way it landed on the bed of a sleeping woman. okay. you got the scenario. the woman says she thought that she was dreaming at first but then she calmly opened the back door of her apartment and the big cat darted out. >> you definitely see it going out what looks like a door. but the jumped into bed with her and then she calm let it out that seems a little weird. but -- >> now you're on my side that this whole thing seems like a bizarre row story. >> i believe what i see right there a door opens and a cat goes out. didn't we just see the cat go out? >> there it is. >> all right. >> any way fish and game trackers say the disoriented mountain lion may have thought t so bless its
8:22 am
>> mountain lion can go back to lioning hopefully in an mountain and not in an apartment complex. >> a little girl that can't keep her hand out of cookie's jar. in this case her mom's makeup bag. we'll show you the toddler's makeover, s a mishap. right of passage actually. >> we have been busy drawing states just like they're doing in the control room right now. oklahoma -- no. that's little too much detail. i'm telling if you you just saw straight lines you'll get a better grade on i taking a geographical quiz how well you can -- go ahead, let's see how you did. uh-huh. c plus. 50 states in d.c. how well do you draw them? we'll have the big reveal coming up at 8:40. keep going. let's see how maine comes out. i'm going to say c. nailed it. nailed it.
8:23 am
8:24 am
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8:25 am
>> here we go, al. you ready for this. >> yes. good relive your childhood. maybe your girls childhood. little girl caught red handed after getting into, well, i think when you see you'll know what she got into. >> all righty. here's evidence the evidence all over her face. >> listen, you're in trouble. did you waste a lot of mommy's makeup. >> yeah. >> are you allowed to go in my bag? >> oh, no.
8:26 am
bad lilly. >> she's so cute. good wanted to be like mommy. >> looks adorable. two-year-old lilly, you know, the lipstick like that sort of around there. >> eye looks like bryce harper during a baseball game. >> lilly likes to watch her when she does her makeup. it was a matter of time until she tried it for herself. there it is. >> you never what the future holds, right. >> that's right. >> plenty of chances you to do that. >> lilly, you look amazing. >> 8:26. it is time to go to weather camp where perhaps counselor will earn his make up badge today. >> all right, kids. time for another great episode of barn wading weather camp. >> barn wading. >> got it. >> tuckster wants to give great big thanks to our friends at columbia heights yesterday. allowed this guy to live his dreams. >> oh yeah. >> with all those campers. we had great time yesterday. hey it turns out we've got openings for next session if you guys know anybody that wants to come barn wading weather camp. [ laughter ] >> or not. >> we have a lot of openings as it turns out. al
8:27 am
your official camp -- going camp forecast. temperatures today, that's not emoji you want to see. >> um-um. >> humidity very unpleasant. ultimate frisbee, you're going to be sweating. clever, right? all right. >> extremely. >> play my music. >> going all out. >> ♪ >> maybe not the most banner day. >> you know what, mr. chenevey, we're going to have to make a decision in the corporate tent whether or not you're invited back next session. >> nobody else is there -- (blows whistle). >> angry day. >> crazy with whistle power yesterday. he kept blowing the whistle. >> whistle happy. >> he was a lot to handle. the inner loop improving bottom side of the beltway prince george's county to wilson bridge we have other problems as we take look at our maps. crash 97 at general rails highway. watch out for big delays heading towards anne arundel. keep it to fox5 news morning. still more fun on this hot and steamy day. more news, weather a
8:28 am
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let's get it, nurses. z2cpsz zi0z y2cpsy yi0y ♪ 8:30 right now. down to yards park this morning trying to find a way to cool off and we'll go from the river to the mall. oh, no cloud cover to help cool things down a little bit if you're outside. be prepared for lots of sunlight, lots of heat and lots of humidity. temps well in the 80s already pushing
8:31 am
get the details from tucker in five minutes. let's check's today top stories. a double student in prince george's william county. police say both victims suffered non-life threatening injuries no word on suspect or motive. unfortunately one of the marines killed in that fiery plane crash in mississippi this week is from maryland. the family of staff sergeant william kundrat confirmed the tragic news on facebook. 15 other service members were killed in that crash in mississippi. busy day on capitol hill. senate majority leader mitch mc com plans to release a revised hell care bill today with a vote expected next week. the original bill did not have gop support to pass. will this one? that's big question. the new measure would ease some cuts to medicaid and increase subsidies for people with lower incomes. we'll fine out what happens later today. in the meantime, speaking of health, let's get over to allison. >> ♪ thanks steve in this morning's hell watch, it's a heart stopping story for any parent a little boy severely injured
8:32 am
trampoline park. according to his mother, the three-year-old boy is in a body cast and in near constant pain after breaking a thigh bone last month. she took to social media to raise the warning about the dangers you're see really sad picture right there. that mom has a medical professionals back her up. the american cad knee of orthopedic surgeons says kids younger than six should not be allowed on trampolines at all. and the american academy of pediatrics recommends against trampoline use for any age. whether that's your backyard or go out to trampoline park. trampolines can be unforgiving if you make a miss step. joining us now dr. mark ran kin an outer loop surgeon who practices at several local hospitals much it's good toto see you. thanks for coming in today. >> thanks for having me. >> what do you think about the recommendations no kids younger than six and the american academy pediatrics doesn't like it at all for any kids any age. >> i agree with em that. you have to keep in mind children are not l
8:33 am
they have different anatomy than we dodge their bones are softer not as resistant to compression or high impact loading. also, anatomically, they have a higher center of gravity. ours is closer to our waistlines and there's are closer to their chest more top heavy. so that coupled with the fact that they don't have complete developed motor control jumping and landing abilities are not like they are when they're fully matured and they can injure themselves. >> dr. ran kin we had a trampoline in our backyard for years. we just got rid of it and we had it all growing up and now i'm looking back thinking, was i an irresponsible parent? >> i don't think so. i think the advent of social media now this is coming to light and also youtube seeing a lot of injuries on the trampoline become more recreation activity. >> right. >> coming to light. and i've had friends friends who have injuries, children who have had injuries on trampolines. something you have to be aware and just as long as you take the correct precautions you can have fun in responsiblable way. >> how do we do tha
8:34 am
people the sports stores looking and saying, hey, wait a minute. we sell all these trampolines. >> right. >> we wouldn't sell them if they weren't safe. what do parents need to know in the backyard trampolines and also these trampoline parks popping up everywhere. >> exactly. with respect to the trampoline parks you see right there a number of individuals jumping at once. if you have a child you just want to have one on at a time. also, the younger folks are the ones that are greater rick to have injuries but teenagers try to be risk takers don flips and some are salts so limit that. with your home trampolines you want to make sure you inspect them regularly. if you have a step ladder that goes to trampoline take that away when you're not around so your kids won't get on there when you're not a it round and check periodically to make sure it's stabilized every time they jump on it the springs aren't loose and make sure the kids are supervised. >> i can imagine the common injuries sprained ankle, but what about the more severe injuries? how would those happen and what are they? >> again, so for again for the
8:35 am
adults for the children you'll have more fractures because they're bones are not allowed -- ready to take that type of loading. someone whose a teenager will be more a risk taker. you'll see the shoulder dislocations, the ligament injuries ideal with lot of knee injuries anterior cruciate ruptures or shoulder and ankle dislocations. 60% of them are upper extremity injuries. to be on the look -- to look out for and also just to make sure if do you get injured not to try and reduce your shoulder put it back in place but to get to the property authorities. there are individuals around those trampoline parks who know how to take care of acute injuries and get to medical professional. >> okay. so you can have them like anything there's risk but there are specific risks here the trampolines i guess that's the message. >> that's message. trampolines are not moon bounces. when you're jumping on there, if you have a child who is six years old average weight 50 pounds they jump 2 feet that's 150 pounds of pressure coming direct directly it's rubr surface it's strong they can injure
8:36 am
responsible way you can have fun. >> we're showing you some of the guidelines from the american academy of orthopedic surgeons. the same things we talked about adult supervision, no jumpers under six, one person at a time. protective equipment such as harness and all of that. just be careful. >> just be careful. one caveat if you go to gym where there are professionals there then you could be younger but as long as there supervises you understands the correct way to land and that's okay if you're by yourself and recreational activity be smart about it. >> all right. thanks so much. >> certainly. >> tucker, over to you. >> thank you allison. 82 now in washington. today hottest day of the week perhaps the hottest day of the year. forecasting a high of 97. 79 now out at dulles. bwi marshall 81 degrees. all right. a lot of sunshine out early. a lot of humidity out early as well. it's going to be a hazy, hoot hot and humid day with the possibility of a few scattered storms. tomorrow we have a front in upstate new york and new england that will drop down into our region tomorrow but ahead of it, what we call
8:37 am
through today. that may bring us a few scatter the storms could be on the strong side and maybe a little relief out there. otherwise it is just going to be blazing hot. 97 this afternoon in washington. 99 in fredericksburg. again heat index 105. so please take the heat seriously later today. okay. erin is back with another round of roads. >> ♪ >> 8:37. really bad news for my 66 drivers. there's an eastbound crash just before the beltway the left center lane is blocked and right now just coming from fairfax county parkway to the bell way, it's about 62 minute delay. so be prepared for that. heavier delays still coming out of 234 prince william parkway through centreville as well. 97 southbound there's a crash after generals highway as you make your way from millersville to annapolis watch out for some slow downs it's easy a bit solid red line earlier. 270 southbound disable dump truck moved over to the shoulder 118. 25 minute delay from urbana through the beltway. gets heavier from gaithersburg no rockville much this c
8:38 am
cleared. 295 southbound before east capital street but we saw heavy delays from riverdale park down to pennsylvania avenue. 50 jams inbound through cheverly and good news for metro all rail lines on time. orange line earlier delays by farragut did clear. that's your traffic. back to you guys. >> erin, thank you very much. still ahead this morning we have been talking about it all hour. it's a quiz gone viral you might have seen it on your facebook or somewhere else. how to draw the 50 states and d.c. and how well you know our 50 states and d.c. don't cheat. we tried. pretty much failed but we'll reveal what we found out. right. >> stay with us. we have it after the break. >> are you done yet. >> no, i'm trying to hurry up with the tea so i can finish. >> i just finish.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> 8:41 right now. so we have been trying to do this quiz to drought states. florida this should be an easy one. yup, there you go. go up to the panhandle, hey that looks pretty good, right. >> a. >> c. >> this is a tough teacher. this is a tougher teacher than when tucker was the teacher. before we went to summer camp. >> it's weird. i don't know. >> let's go over to the left. up to the top. that's going to be -- okay. now -- matt. hit the button. come on. any way, let's check back in with holly find out how we all did. >> you guys have been working on it for the last hour or so, right f you're just joining us basically time put out this quiz where you have to draw the borderlines of each state. it
8:42 am
on your computer and then it places it and actually makes a map of the fief testify states. its it grades you as you go along on the borders of each state but doesn't necessarily give you an overall grade in the end. so that will be me. i grade on curve. i like you guys. so i think it will be good. [ laughter ] >> let's good ahead and check in. allison -- >> i went first. >> are you challenging? yes. look how backwards california s supposed to be this way. i just did it backwards. >> okay. florida is a little skinny. >> because i like -- >> texas is not bad. >> texas looks like a heart. >> that's good. i think you nail the heartland. >> thank you. >> i'm just saying. >> the rectangles were awesome. >> i think i'm going to give you a b. >> yay! [ applause ] >> thank you. >> good job, al. did you very well. let's check on steve here. steve i feel like probably took it pretty seriously. >> yes. >> at first and then i gave up because i was getting really bad grades. hawaii another i got an f. i had oklahoma backward. your texas is good too. it would be better if i had ok
8:43 am
>> you got impairment. >> i got impatient. you have to take your time. all in all yours looks pretty good. i'll give you a b as well. >> i'll take it. that's passing. that's good, right. >> yay! >> i'm excited. i did not -- >> i might give you a b plus i did not deserve b. i'm excited about it. >> the person who should have been hit the out of the park should be meteorologist yet side ams certified, i'm assuming you're certified in both of those, is this -- >> i got mad and quit. >> tucker. >> oh, tuck. >> i got mad and quit. i'm not going lie. i got mad. >> why did it get so frustrating. >> there's a flaw in the program and basically the more detail you put into your state the lower your grade. >> hmm. >> yeah. you know what, did you go to berkeley? >> yeah. >> always challenging the sy system. see. >> right. >> some things never change. >> that's right. >> taking on the establishment. the test must be flawed. that's what he's saying. no. any way it's kind of fun. >> now wait a minute how did i compare to the others in oh, right. i'm sorry
8:44 am
i'm sorry it's an incomplete. so i think that's an automatic fail. >> now, wait. >> remember when you had to do the test and they're like don't leave any unanswer. >> i'm the teacher in this place. >> yeah. i give myself a c plus. >> i give -- i'll give you a d plus. >> that's good. it's passing. >> it's passing. >> i'm giving you all an a for just playing along. >> it's a lot of fun. it's kind of a fun mental challenge to see if you can remember what the states are. >> it's educational. >> some of them i thought i remembered the outline of state but then it would be backwards. i did either hoe. i had it flipped up. it's a fun challenge check it out on time. thank you all for attending class today. >> thanks holly. >> the fly yesterday professor out there. >> wisdom, maureen, did you fall into this foolishness? >> no. >> no. >> we're not even going to try. >> or you can go the route of when you already know you don't have to. >> hey. >> oh, is that what it is. >> he's back, everybody. watch out now. [ applause ] >> wisdom is back
8:45 am
>> sense of confidence. >> yes, yes, that's what happens when you go on vacation and come back and now it's all gone. >> out of control. >> move over. >> let's move on and talk about this. we're all over some big local stories include wagon could be the hottest day of the year. so how high will the temperatures rise? tucker barnes gives us updates throughout the next two hours. >> developing now arrest made after transgender woman is intentionally hit by a car. we're live. >> also at 9a picking up the pieces after leaving prison a new documentary highlights the very struggle we have more on that at 9:30. >> okay. wis you know what time it is. >> what time is it? >> have you been gone so long. >> refresh my memory. >> control room put up that good day guest list a special performance from cabaret. it's at the kennedy center right now. it's going to be so good.& >> all right. also, ahead he's a dragon with an attitude and some tricks. you know him from america's got talent we're talking about pif the magic dragon live in the loft. >> this is going to be good.
8:46 am
look at those fries. hmm. national french friday and boy do we have the mother of all face offs. what's your favorite? send them to us #gooddaydc. >> and our good day road show continues so the question is how will mike thomas and erin comer beat the heat today. you'll have to watch and find out g day dc the only cool place to be for the next two hours. city in you a few. >> i like that. wisdom, welcome back! >> good to see my friend. >> thank you. >> good to be back. >> you guys touched on it a scorcher today. >> mike thomas is busy out and about he's trying to find way to keep cool. mike, good morning. >> reporter: oh, allison i think i found a way to keep c cool. found a pretty good one. best assignment of the day by far. i'm here at hurricane harbor. hurricane bay in fact here at sick flags america. we're going to show you some ways to keep cool in the pool. family fun coming your way in just a few minutes. stick with us. fox5 news morning will be back right after the break. ♪ ♪♪
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ >> down by yards park along the anna cos city ya river this morning. 8:49 super, super, super warm out there. ♪ >> super toast tow just like tucker likes it. >> we partied under that bridge this weekend, steve. >> we sure did. >> yeah, we did. seriously we did allison. >> sounds like you two were just hanging out under a bridge partying sounds a little bit -- >> kind of what it was
8:50 am
>> that's actually a we were doing. >> you guys do you. >> little spot there. heat advisory 12 noon till 8:00 o'clock tonight. the heat index unfortunately will be about 105 this afte afternoon. so extreme heat around here. already 82 in washington. 82 manassas. 82 leonardtown. fredericksburg 82. you get the idea 8:00 o'clock in the morning when you're 82 degrees you know where you're headed. upper 99s for daytime highs. little bit of cloudiness. look out. could have a storm or two this afternoon. better chance tomorrow. strong cold front will drop into the region tomorrow and give us a good chance of storms. they'll be isolated storms today think a little bet chance than yesterday that we can get a few storms. can we hit 100. upper 90s today. little trough today could kick up a storm and then the stronger front comes through tomorrow with widespread afternoon thunderstorms and then some relief. relief around here fort weekend as we'll have cooler air and less humidity by saturday and sunday. okay. couple of showers at 3:00 o'clock maybe these become thunderstorms we'll have to look out for that. we lose daytime
8:51 am
thunder storm chances overnight they will return in big way tomorrow afternoon and we'll have to keep an eye both this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon for the possibility of some severe thunderstorms but again best chance will be tomorrow. weekend look great. high temps around 90. less humidity and sunshine. guys, that's it. 97 today. >> i was m before we get to mike real quick it's my dad's birthday. i want to give him a shout out today. >> happy birthday! >> pittsburgh pennsylvania hopefully celebrating this morning. [ applause ] >> happy birthday mr. chenevey. have a great day. we're rattle cheting up the high temperatures thank you fort music it's time to head out and cool off and i think mike found the place to be today. >> mike thomas has the enviable task this morning of joining us from six flags america specifically hurricane harbor. right before the waves started. what's up, mike? >> reporter: hey, what's up allison? what's up steve? i did get the lucky task today so far the only cool thing is my feet. water feels good here. i'm sweating buckets already. tucker is not lying. that sun is hot. there's not cloud in the sky. it's perfe
8:52 am
we'll talk about some fun ways to cool off at six flags america i'm here with carissa brown operations director. thanks for having us here today. >> my pleasure. >> all right. give us some -- if folks haven't been out to hurricane harbor here at sick flags, give them some like highlights of what there is to do here at the water park. >> sure. six flags america hurricane harbor something for everyone a great way to beat the heat. we have aquatic play elements for our younger guests. we have some thrill slides including bon say pipelines our tornado slide tour foes thrill seekers and have a lazy river for those who just like to lay back and relax and of course hurricane bay our shining star which is where we are right now. our wave pool. >> the waves are kicking up as you can see behind me. they can get up three or 4 feet above the water level on good day here. so this actually, it's it's actually one of the biggest wave pools in the eastern last the us, right. >> that is correct. the largest one east of the mississippi. holds about 864,000 gallons of water give or take few. and it is
8:53 am
calm, torque cool yourself during the summer. >> now, one of the best things about this water park i've been philadelphia since i've gotten here it's got something for all ages, right? not just about your teenagers or your adults or something from the very very young to the very old. right? >> that is true. splash water falls which is recently constructed 2016 has amazing things for everyone in the family. there's slides that you can enjoy when you're a child all the way to when you are you're adults you can go on there if you'd like to ride those slides later on. >> oh yeah. >> and we also have our buccaneer beach just for young kids so parents can watch them and stay close to them and feel safe about their children enjoying our water park. >> let's talk about admission one cool thing a lot of these theme parks these days it's like you have one price to get into one park and then separate one for the water park. that's not the case here, right? >> that is correct. here at sick flags america you get or theme park and water park for one low price. water park opens at 11:00 daily. sick flags opens at 10:30 that gives you time to get in the gate get over to the water park and
8:54 am
>> it's not just about keeping cool at the water park obviously on a hot day like this the nice be but you do have some ridesto- other than here at hurricane bay that will get you pretty cool pretty quick. >> that is true. we have rides the theme park and water park that will keep you very cool. very wet. we also have our new wonder woman lasso of truth over at sick flags america in the theme park. it's an amazing thrill ride it is the tallest ride here at sick flags america. 242 feet. it is taller than superman. so it is a great thrill and also a great way to stay cool and dry off. >> i believe our own kevin mccarthy took a ride on that one and gave it five out of five as he does with everything he rides here. but all right. so later on this morning we'll hit some swim lessons. we'll talk about pool safety and how everybody at home can stay safe in this type of heat, and then we'll explore the water park coming apartment 10:00. >> sounds great, thanks. >> thanks for having us today. again p guys, i'll hop in the aisle pool get myself self cool and i'll zen it back to
8:55 am
>> you need a boogie board or something. got waves coming in. i love it. >> live from hurricane bay. >> i'm going to see if i can hang ten. see what you can do mike. we'll see you on good day. tomorrow is the big day friday july 4th going to pentagon row in arlington. >> holly, wisdom, erin and tucker will all be there from 6:00 to 11:00. come out and say hello. i'm time right now 8:55. we're back in 30 seconds. secon.
8:56 am
all right. we're back on the air right now. here we go. let's take look at a major cute video alert. the national zoo showing off the birth of a new baby tiger. [ applause ] >> the cub was born tuesday afternoon. sumatran tigers are critically endangered it's not cute it's important that this birth hammed it's extra important and special. it will be sometime before we know whether that little cub is a boy or a girl cub. several months before it goes on view to the public. so this is extra special behind the scenes look. >> i love right here momma lives up her arm right there. just nice and gentle. >> aw. >> do your thing. >> we'll snuggle together. >> listen to him roar. [ laughter ] >> i know. he's just starring to find his voice, al. >> sounds a little bit look right now, tuck one day will be a ferocious roar. >> mr. kitty cat than tiger. >> more sweetie pie than ferocious. any way -- >> how we looking out there
8:57 am
this afternoon. upper 90s heat index near 105. heat advisory from noon until 8:00 o'clock tonight. all quick reminders lots of water, don't let yourself get overheated. heat exhaustion can be a problem in this kind of heat. air conditioning that kind of thing. don't leave your pets outside or your pet tigers. >> watch out for everybody. >> right. >> how is the commute. >> i'm three hours away from flamingo float an pool and poold >> aren't you fancy. >> an i fancy? traffic is pretty backed up on the beltway i hope you have ac keep your windows rolled up if you don't bring water to stay hydrated it's hot out there. that's my driving advice. >> see you on good day in just a minute. ♪ minute. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:58 am
it's go time at dunkin' with two egg and cheese wake-up wraps for $2. enjoy two freshly made oven-toasted wraps and keep on running all day long. america runs on dunkin'. and keep on running all day long. when people come to d.c., they think they know what it's about, but they don't know. you have to live here to know, to feel the people, to feel the places, and most of all, to feel the rhythm of our city. we're pirates, painters, poets, and partier, sometimes all at the same time. we embrace the old and welcome the new. we like to experiment and defy the norm. we all love to sing, but we dance to different drummers. they say d.c. has no soul. well, we not only have soul, we have heart,
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♪ straight ahead, president trump in france his second trip to europe in a week but it's what's happening back home that's stealing the headlines. from the russia scandal to his warning about health care, we'll have the very latest in today's morning briefing. breaking news. police in pennsylvania searching for four missing men find a body in a shallow grave. now the original person of interest is back behind bars. we'll have the latest from the investigation. fox5 is chasing water falls on the hottest day of the summer so far. i'm anjali hemphill we'll have where and how you can stay cool coming up. >> so dominant kevin durant told me he wants to play for them next year. [ laughter ] >> and later,


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